Management Philosophy: Building, Coaching and Leading Winning Teams.

The most satisfying part of my career is, by far, the opportunity to build, coach and lead winning teams. My experience can be summarized in a few principles that are at the root of success over time:

1. Promote and value intellectual honesty and diversity 

2. Rely on facts, analytics, empirical evidence and data but do not ignore intuition and experience 

3. Listen patiently but act decisively 

4. Know what you do not know

5. Provide "air cover" to the team and/or the individual (as long as they work hard and ethically)

6. Hire people that are smarter/better than you

7. Care, passionately, for the team's and the individuals' development and success

8. Demand the "Gold", always

9. "Step out of the way"

Building, coaching and leading winning teams is the most important part of an executive's role because management credibility is, first and foremost, based on an ability to deliver outstanding results consistently, predictably and ethically (winning teams will always do this) and because there is no long-term without the short-term (winning teams know how to manage this delicate balance).